Privacy Policy

Last update: 10 Jun 2021

When you use our service, you’re giving us your personal data.

You do it when you create your account or when you send us an e-mail. In these situations TechyLabs Web processes your personal data as a data controller in the meaning of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Therefore, on the basis of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) we are obliged to give you some important information on processing your personal data. In this document, you will learn among others what data we can process and in what purposes.

We respect your privacy, we care for your personal data protection. This Privacy Policy will provide you with information on how we treat your personal data. You can also learn about your rights and how the provisions that are in force protect you and your data. Please read Privacy Policy carefully before you start using our Services.

Who is your data controller?

The controller of personal data is Techy Labs Sp. z o. o. trading by the name TechyLabs Web
NIP: 8652565382
entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs by the District Court in Rzeszów, XII Commercial Department.

The company is represented by Michał Pilch as a chairman of the board.

The company has registered office at ul. Jana Pawła II 25/207, 37-450 Stalowa Wola.

Who do you contact if you have a question on your data?

Our Data Protection Supervisor may be consulted in any matters related to personal data at the address:

Who we are?

All services provided by TechyLabs Web and conditions on which contract regulating electronically provided services is concluded can be read in the Terms of Use.

What data do we process?

When you use our service, we automatically collect the following information about you: we collect information on your device, like operating system version and unique identifiers. Examples include the name of the mobile network you use. We connect information related to the device with your account. We collect technical details, including the Internet Protocol (IP) address of your device, time zone and operating system information. We also store your logging details (the registration date, the date of the most recent change of password, the date of the most recent successful logging) and your browser type. We collect information on your activity in the Service, including details about web pages that directs you to our Service, the date of every visit, the results of your searches, product lists and advertising banners which you clicked on, your interactions with such adverts and product lists, the duration of your visit and in what order you visited particular sections of our Service.

Contact forms used on the website.

The first time you are asked for your personal data is during the account registration. Before you click the “join” button we ask you for giving some of the following data. The registration is necessary to conclude the agreement and to use the service. You can communicate with TechyLabs Web thanks to the account registration. By creating the account you fill in a form with the following data:

  • name;
  • surname;
  • e-mail address;
  • date of birth;
  • phone number;

These data will be processed in the following purposes:

  • to conclude and exercise the contract regulating electronically provided services;
  • to verify that you are of legal age because according to the Terms of Use, only such persons may conclude the contract with us and use TechyLabs Web Platform without limitations;
  • to answer your enquiries (if you phone or write to us with a question);
  • to verify your identity before concluding the agreement regulating electronically provided services in order to prepare such an agreement;
  • for statistical purposes for traffic analysis in TechyLabs Web Service;
  • own marketing;
  • our partners’ services marketing through providing you with information on our partners’ offers in your Panel;

The legal basis for processing personal data during filling the form is:

– art 6(1)(a) of the RODO Regulation – the data subject has given consent to the processing of his personal data for one or more specified purposes; by checking the so called checkbox next to the sentence as follows:
“I agree to the processing of my personal details by BSafer Sp. z o. o. trading by the name TechyLabs Web in order to send me information on the TechyLabs Web Partners’ offers (the current list of entities can be found here), services, promotions, latest news with regard to privacy policy”
you agree to receive information on our partners’ offers in your Panel. You can revoke your consent at any time, e.g. by sending us an e-mail. Revocation of the consent shall not affect the compliance of the processing which was made before on the basis of the consent before its revocation.cofnięciem.

– art 6(1)(b) of the RODO Regulation – processing is necessary for the performance of a contract, to which the data subject is a party or in order to take steps at the request of the data subject prior to entering into a contract;

– art 6(1)(c) of the RODO Regulation – processing is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation to which the controller is a subject;

– art 6(1)(f) of the RODO Regulation – processing is necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests pursued by the controller or by a third party,

Data processing for own marketing of our services is made until you make an object by the method you chose, e.g. by an e-mail.

Data necessary to conclude and exercise the contract

After registration we need to fully verify your identity in order to conclude the contract and provide one of the services mentioned above. Therefore, until we enter into the contract you will be asked to confirm your identity by the following way:

  1. You can confirm your identity by an e-mail – in this situation we process your e-mail address for the identification and in order to communicate with you (Art. 6(1)(b) of the RODO)
  2. You can confirm your identity by an electronic transfer (by transferring 1 PLN through the electronic banking) – your bank shall make available for us your:
    • name and surname;
    • address of residence;

Within the frame of verifying transfer we process your bank account number. Through the transfer we obtain data such as your bank name, your account number, address of residence. We process this data because thanks to this we can verify user’s identity before the conclusion of the contract.

  1. You can confirm your identity by an SMS with verification code – your phone number (which you give us during registration) – to confirm identity and reliability of the data supplied;
  2. Identity can be verified by PESEL number (NIN – National Insurance Number) which is processed in the following purposes:
    • to properly execute the contract and enforcement of any claims related to it.
    • for tax purposes – to meet the information obligation for tax authorities.
    • to obey the Terms and Conditions, PESEL number (NIN – National Insurance Number) confirms that you are of legal age which is necessary to use TechyLabs Web’s service and to conclude the contract (see the Terms and Conditions).
    • for identification purposes – most of controllers with whom TechyLabs Web corresponds require indicating PESEL number (NIN – National Insurance Number) to find user in their databases.

Data processing in “SCANNER” service

In order to increase the effectiveness of TechyLabs Web, we recommend to download mobile application which is available on TechyLabs Web’s website via the online shop (currently it is a version for Android). After installation of the application, system will ask you to enter login and password to TechyLabs Web account. After logging to TechyLabs Web’s system you can use system monitoring your mailbox. Because of this, TechyLabs Web scans a list of controllers which sent marketing content to you.

We process data included in the e-mails to properly provide service, this means listing entities sending marketing content to you. Upon gaining a report you can decide which content you do not want to receive. All data obtained this way is encrypted and therefore the company does not process your private e-mails. For safety reasons data related to login and password also are encrypted. Thanks to this, no one is capable to access this data. Unique TechyLabs Web’s algorithm scans mailbox and then catches marketing content listing entities processing data for marketing purposes.

We acquire only controller’s data, particularly their name, designation, an e-mail address from which they send you e-mails, NIP number (NIN number), data controller address and link for subscription deactivation.

Data processing is based on your consent, i.e. Art 6(1)(a) of the GDPR Regulation. You give your consent by checking the so called checkbox next to the statement:
“I agree for the TechyLabs Web’s access to my mailbox in order to list entities processing my personal data.”

Legal grounds for processing

Art. 6(1)(b) of the GDPR is the legal grounds for personal data processing – given data is necessary for the performance of a contract, to which the data subject is party or in order to take steps at the request of the data subject.

The following are the legal grounds for PESEL number (NIN number) processing:
Art. 6(1)(B) proper performance of a contract. Proper execution of the contract and enforcement of any claims related to it will not be possible without PESEL number (NIN number).
Art. 6(1)(c) information and legal obligation for tax authorities, obligation to obey the Terms and Conditions, which can be used only be persons of legal age. Controller who electronically provides services has the right to process PESEL number (NIN number) according to the Act on Electronic Services Dz. U. (Journal of Laws) of 2002 No 144 item 1204, Art. 18 of it.

What is the scope and the purpose of the processing in the case of making your personal data available for gaining points entitling to prizes?

Within the contract you can collect points in return for performing the activities indicated in the instruction. Service description and rules for exchanging points are in Terms and Conditions. Any time you want to take part in the programme you separately agree for making your personal data available to the Partner by TechyLabs Web in marketing purposes.

Pay special attention to the difference between TechyLabs Web’s Partner and Affiliate Partner in the Terms and Conditions (see Definitions). In the case you give Affiliate Partner your data he or she is a controller of personal data and has to meet the GDPR information obligation. TechyLabs Web only informs you, on the basis of your content, on the offer of this partner, but we have not conclude an entrustment agreement of personal data. TechyLabs Web is not responsible for the actions and omissions of this affiliate partner in the scope of respecting the rules included in GDPR Regulation. In case of any irregularities you should report them to TechyLabs Web in order to exclude such an entity which actions are not compliant with TechyLabs Web’s Privacy Policy.

In some cases of exercising the exchange rewards programme we are oblige to inform tax authority about the income obtained by you and the necessity of issuing a PIT-11 document. In this situation data processing is made according to Art. 6(1)(c) GDPR because data is necessary to meet the legal obligation that we should meet as a controller. This data can be made available to the supervisory authority on request.

In the case of TechyLabs Web’s Partner (see Definitions) you agree for making your personal data available for marketing purposes to the Partner indicated by you. Then, your data, i.e.:

  • Name and surname
  • phone number
  • e-mail address

is processed according to Art. 6(1)(a).

Thus, we process the data mentioned above to provide BENEFIT service for you in order to collect points and exchange for rewards.

It is always your decision to make your data available in return for payment. If you agree we will share your personal data, i.e.: name and surname, phone number, e-mail address with a company chosen by you. And still BSafer Sp. z o. o. trading by the name TechyLabs Web will be a controller of your data because it is us who sets the purposes and rules of processing. TechyLabs Web’s Partner with whom we have shared your data may use your data for marketing purposes on the basis of an entrustment agreement of personal data.

TechyLabs Web’s Partner has not the right to share you data with other entities or use it in other than marketing purposes strictly defined by TechyLabs Web in a separate agreement.

Using your data for marketing purposes means that a company will have your consent to present you its products’ offer via e-mail or on the phone (phone call/SMS). You can revoke your consent at any time. You can also require that your data be removed. If you do it no later than within 30 days from the date of giving your consent you will not receive points.

Data recipients

We use many IT tools. For this reason your data may be made available to: hosting companies, law firms, accounting firms, companies providing payments intermediaries, companies providing communication tools (chat, hosting, e-mail), companies providing analytical tools (detecting errors in applications, users activities analysis). Some of these IT tools are owned by American companies. For this reason your personal data may be transferred beyond the European Economic Area. We ensure that all our service providers were listed on so called Privacy Shield which means your data are safe.

Where and how long we will be processing your data?

We will be processing your data until implementation of the contract or dealing with your inquiry. We will be processing your data throughout the time you use TechyLabs Web service or until expiration of the period of limitation of possible claims arising from the contract. In a tax settlement with Tax Office we are obliged to store data for tax purposes for 5 years in the case of control.

We store your data as long as it is necessary to the achievement of the objectives they were collected, including under the fulfilment of the legal, accounting and tax obligations for reporting purposes.

When you register your account but do not verify your data we will remind you about it in a separate e-mail. If, after sending an e-mail, we will not notify any changes on your account, your data will be deleted. It will take place after 6 months from the date of reminding e-mail.

WE store your personal data related to the account throughout the time you own it which is the same as the term of the contract regulating electronically provided services. After termination or expiry of the contract TechyLabs Web processes personal data until expiration of the period of limitation of claims provided in the Civil Code, no longer than 5 years from the date of termination of the contract.

After closing your account we can store your personal data in the scope and for the period that is necessary to fulfil obligations arising from the provisions of law or our legitimate interests (e.g. in order to combat fraud, tax control) up to 5 years.

Personal data related to ‘cookie’ technology are stored during the time corresponding to life of the ‘cookies’ or until they are deleted by the user.

If you have any questions about the retention times of your data, contact us on:

What are your rights under the GDPR?

You have right to access to your data, you may request that we delete, change it, or decrease the scope of processing it. You may request to transfer your data to other entity.

You are entitled to file a complaint to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) on processing your personal data.

At any time you may:

  • contact us in order to obtain information on the content of data you make available and how exactly it is used, and also in order to receive copy of your data;
  • update and correct your personal data on an ongoing basis;
  • revoke your consent to processing and request deletion of your personal data, in whole or in a part, or request limitation of your data processing. However, please note that it would lead to a loss of your entitlement to use Service functionalities.
  • please also note that the revocation of your consent shall not affect processing which was done by that time. In other words, the revocation of your consent shall be effective only in the future.
  • object to your personal data processing and file a complaint to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) – if you have reason to believe we violated your rights;
  • request to transfer your personal data to another controller.

In some exceptional cases we may not meet your request to delete your personal data or limitation of processing it or your object. It may take place in the case of violation of the provisions of the Terms of Use and violation of other provisions of mandatory legislation. We are entitled then to save this data in order to determine the circumstances of the violation and its consequences.


We want to improve our Service, facilitate the use of it and make it more suitable for your needs, for that reason except information you gave voluntarily we use ‘cookies’ which are small text files that are stored on your terminal equipment in the way that it is possible to read them during reconnection with the Service. We use the following types of cookies:

  1. Session – for the identification of the user in the service;
  2. Statistical – for statistical purposes;
  3. Functional – ensuring additional functionalities of the service.

You can always reject cookies. Regardless of the type of your browser, you can use the option of switching cookies off, both in the particular webpage and in all websites that you visit.

How you will be informed about changes implemented in our Privacy Policy?

We may amend or update Privacy Policy. All amendments will be displayed on this website and additionally we will inform you about them in the e-mail or by our Service. When you do not accept amendments we implemented you can close your account in the settings by choosing the option – closure of the account.

Contact data

If you have any questions or want to contact with us for other reasons you can do it:

  1. at the e-mail address:
  2. in writing to the address:
    Techy Labs Sp. z o.o.
    ul. Jana Pawła II 25/207
    37-450 Stalowa Wola

Procedure regarding exercising your rights

Step 1

Write an e-mail to our data protection officer, place “personal data” in the subject and describe shortly what right you want to exercise.

Step 2

Within 3 days you will receive an e-mail informing on the acceptance of the notification and expected date of execution.

Step 3

In an e-mail we will inform you on the manner in which your request is dealt with.

Please note!

The controller is obliged to answer the request of legal person within one month from the date of receipt of that request. If the request is complex or data subject has submitted a large number of requests, the time limit for a reply may be extended by another 2 months, but in such case the controller is obliged to inform legal person about it within the first month of receipt of that request. The controller shall also give reasons of extension of the time limit for a reply (see Art. 12(3) GDPR).