Ideal for bigger sites with extensive inventory, this WordPress website bundle includes hosting, 20 hours of dedicated support and a 96 piece wooden concept collection.

  • LIFETIME ACCESS: At the time of the pre-sale, we offer lifetime access to our mega bundle. Order it once and you’ll never have to pay again!
  • WOOD SET IN 96 ANTIQUE DESIGNS: The exquisitely crafted wood set relishes you with its articulate designs.
  • HOSTING: The secure and fast hosting will offer you the best experience like none other.
  • 20 HOURS OF DEDICATED TIME FROM ONE OF OUR AWARD-WINNING DEVELOPERS: Our skilled developers will give a thorough look at your startup, share the detailed analysis, and suggest improvements.
  • WORDPRESS: This package is for bigger WordPress websites with a large inventory. Deploy it anytime or from anywhere.


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Purchasing hosting, installing WordPress, selecting a theme, and integrating the plugin, Oh My! If one contemplates creating a website, the list may go on endlessly. But for an e-commerce mega bundle, this could be as easy as a breeze. Not only you will get your desired website but also 20 hours of dedicated support from our award-winning developers.

Instead of juggling choosing the right service provider, this bundle comes with everything that’s needed to host a website with a hands-on modular approach to website development. Scan the card, upload the images/text and you are good to go. Where have you seen something like this? We bet, nowhere!

Time has loomed to get your fancied website, wins greater advocacy, integrity, and engagement from customers. It’s not too late to get started, grab this mega bundle today and feel the growth.

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